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Xbox 360 Slim: Who's selling cheapest?

Save your pennies with our handy round-up

Microsoft's sleeker, quieter and shinier new Xbox 360 Slim 'S' will be released for the European public to purchase from tomorrow.

Whether you're a Microsoft fan purchasing to stay up-to-date, a victim of the Red Ring of Death looking to get your hands on a replacement or a new customer, we've done the leg work and collected the prices from the big retailers.

As expected the brick and mortar stores are sticking to the recommended retail price. Game, Gamestation, Sainsbury's and Tesco are all offering the console for £199.99, which matches their online prices.

Asda, however, is undercutting as usual: An advert in today's The Sun newspaper says the chain is selling the system for £189, or £199 with Alan Wake, International Cricket or Splinter Cell Conviction.

Prices online currently vary but they're the cheapest option at this time, provided you're willing to wait for delivery.

Although is selling the Slim for £199.99, it tends to change their prices regularly to stay competitive - so check back for changes if you can.

Amazon has the console listed for £189.99 with Zavvi selling it for £189.95, undercutting them by five whole pence.

The has the console priced at an awkward £194.93.

The cheapest price online at the moment is on, who are selling the console for a cool £184.85.

If you want it, now you know...

Of course, if you find any good deals, feel free to stick 'em in the comments section below...