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Be in the last issue of PC Zone!

Readers, developers, lovers, enemies: send us your memories

So, issue 225 of PC Zone will (almost certainly) be the last. It's the end of an era, of seventeen years of knob gags, Supertests, Neverquest and coverdiscs that almost never contained offensive material.

We're just finishing issue 224 - which is jolly nice, by the way - but the grand finale will be 225.

We want to make it one last, triumphant send-off of what is self-evidently the best PC games mag there has ever been or will be. And we want you to be in it.

We've heard lots of (mostly) very kind words in the last 24 hours about how many people read and loved the mag, and we want to get them in the last issue.

So this is an open call to everybody: readers, developers, forumites, publishers, people who wrote threatening letters to Mr Cursor... if you have memories of PC Zone then we want to hear them, and we'll make every effort to get them in the final issue. Even the rude ones, although we might make fun of them in the process.

Send us your thoughts to - and if you've got a favourite moment or article, say what it is and we'll try and dig it out of the archives and include it.

Alternatively, leave a comment on this article or - if you have very short words and/or are addicted to happening social media - you can say it on Twitter with the hashtag #pczone, or address it to @pczone.

We might have problems fitting everyone in but we're going to damn well try anyway. So write in! DO IT NOW.