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iPhone 4 update released, signal issues continue

iOS 4.01 released, reception bars changed, but 'Death Grip' is still effective

Apple has released an update for the iPhone 4 which was expected to help tackle the device's controversial signal problems.

If you've only just crawled out from a cave in a jungle somewhere, you may not know that the newfangled iPhone 4 has come under widespread criticism for a hardware fault that sees the phone lose a significant portion of it signal strength when users touch its external antenna (on the lower left of the unit). As with all hardware faults nowadays, this one's inherited a name; 'Death Grip'.

Apple claimed it was a software fault and that the significant loss of signal was more down to the phone incorrectly displaying full reception even when it's actually a weak signal.

iOS version 4.01 is a seemingly minor update that, as Apple had promised, more accurately calculates the signal being received by the phone, and makes the signal bars bigger too. But Engadget reports that the Death Grip fault is still present, with users still able to induce a loss of signal by touch. So it's not a software fault, is it Apple?

Apple has today called an unexpected iPhone press conference to be held at 10am PT (6pm GMT) tomorrow, when it's expected to address the issue head-on with the world.

For the record, this editor finds the signal on iPhone 4 to be consistently superior to any previous phone I've owned, and I'm yet to suffer even a single dropped call on it since launch.

[ SOURCE: Engadget ]