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Star Wars: Battle for Hoth hits iPhone

Strategy tower defense-style battle launches on Apple's portables

THQ has today released Star Wars: Battle for Hoth, a tower defence-style RTS, on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch.

As you might anticipate, you're charged with the task of placing and manipulating gun turrets, Snowspeeders and infantry units to take down incoming swarms of Empire forces, including those formidable AT-AT Walkers, before they destroy Echo Base's defenses.

It's got 15 levels, two gameplay modes including Classic and Fortress (which apparently adds replay value), leaderboards, achievements via OpenFeint, and of course original sound effects, music and clips from the movies that you know you'll have on full blast.

And it's Hoth, for goodness sake - the scene that has spawned some of the best video game levels ever in Star Wars games.

Seems pretty decent for $2.99. Check it out here.