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Assassin's Creed comic series revealed

Comic mini-series coming in Autumn, Marvel/DC illustrators Cameron Stewart and Karl Kersch on board

A new Assassin's Creed comic book mini-series is in development and due for release in Autumn, Ubisoft has confirmed.

Marvel/DC illustrators Cameron Stewart (Batman & Robin, Seaguy and Catwoman) and Karl Kerschl (Superman and The Flash) have got their crayons out for the project so expect some pretty pictures when it arrives.

Apart from the teaser trailer below, Ubi is holding off revealing further details until the San Diego Comic Con show later this month, where Stewart and Kerschl will reveal more during a panel entitled "Assassin's Creed: Behind and Beyond the Brotherhood".

"The new comic series is part of Ubisoft Montreal's UbiWorkshop initiative that encompasses a number of the studio's projects related to leveraging Ubisoft intellectual properties in entertainment mediums outside of video games, such as comic books," says the PR.