Multiple new Oddworld titles confirmed

Abe to return in new games

Just Add Water, the development team behind PlayStation 3 arcade shooter Gravity Crash, has announced that it is developing multiple Oddworld games.

The studio has confirmed that it is working closely with Oddworld Inhabitants, the developers of the classic original series of Oddworld titles.

"To work with the team at Oddworld has been amazing; being able to tap the minds of Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna and others has been fantastic," said Managing Director Stewart Gilray.

While no details were given the studio did say that their discussions with Oddworld Inhabitants have lead to multiple projects across a number of platforms.

"What started off as brief discussions in June 2009, to now working on multiple projects, across multiple platforms," Gilray added.

The games will feature a number of "favourite Oddworld characters" and the studio promised it would reveal the games in the next few months.

The existence of a new Oddworld title was teased yesterday on twitter by series protagonist Abe.

[ SOURCE: Just Add Water ]