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We've found some comedy, is it yours?

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Also with the slogan "you are the controller" I think I'm much more scared of controllers.
Is this funny or deep from Moribundman? We can't tell.

i am not even gonna read this article, i am just here because the title was hilarious
That's all we ask rogueybear.

Molyneux shows off all-new Milo demo

Let's start taking bets on how long it'll be until Milo becomes self aware and forms a version of SkyNet Razz

Fun fact - SkyNet is actually a group of satellites that coordinate our (UK) military communications - so there you go
A nice fun fact from Moorpheus to counter a bleak forecast.

Well I haven't really been waiting for a game that allows me to tidy the bedroom of a lonley pubescent boy...
It's not all about you zombiesinmyhead!

I knew the game sounded like an iffy idea to start with, but the thought that it might bring about the ultimate downfall of humanity may be pushing things a bit far. Thanks a lot, Molyneux.
Just a bit too far GTCzeero?

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