Codies not releasing F1 2010 demo

Licensing issues and time constraints prevent taster, says community man

Codemasters community manager Ian Webster has confirmed that there will be no demo for F1 2010.

Time constraints are apparently to blame. "Due to the nature of the game, and its layers of licensed content, it will not be possible to make a cut-down, limited content sample that would serve as a demo for F1 in 2010 within our production deadlines," Webster said.

Sad news for anyone who was hoping to give the new game a test drive before laying down to cash, especially considering it's the first F1 effort on the high-end consoles.

What about throwing out a quick demo once the game's done and on shelves then? Denied again, we're afraid, as the game's chief designer explained: "Seeing as we'll have to move over to '11 almost immediately I very much doubt resource will be spent on the '10 demo which would reduce the scope of the '11 game."

Codies previously confirmed to CVG that it has "no plans" to release DLC for F1 2010, saying it'll save further developments for next year's game.

F1 2010 will be out on PC, PS3 and 360 in September.

[ SOURCE: Codemasters forums ]