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Modern Warfare 2 subscription system outed?

Video shows paid membership menu for COD online

A video allegedly grabbed by an Modern Warfare 2 player on Xbox Live has suggested plans are afoot to introduce a subscription system for Call of Duty's online mode.

Posted on 360 Junkies, the video shows an Xbox Live menu for Modern Warfare 2 with all kinds of scary words like "membership", "balance" and "add Microsoft points" bandied about the place.

Then again, these anti-Kotick types can get creative in their spare time - so we'll check in with Activision to see if there's anything in it.

Have a look:

Industry analyst Michael Pachter, thinks that such a system would be a good idea and Activision's Bobby Kotick has said that he wants to 'weaken Xbox Live and PSN', as well as create a subscription policy for Call of Duty's multiplayer component.

There's been no official mention of Call of Duty online features being charged for, however, and there's still every chance it could be some elaborate hoax or misunderstanding.

The video does seem to fit rather snugly with rumours circulating at the moment though and you know what they say about smoke and fires.

What do you think? Is this legit? Would you pay to play CoD online?

[ SOURCE: 360 Junkies ]