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Xbox 360 S enjoys bigger launch than PS3 Slim

MS claims biggest 'revised' home console launch in UK history

Microsoft's Xbox 360 'S' enjoyed a blistering UK launch over the weekend - even out-performing the release of Sony's PS3 Slim in 2009.

The hardware was released at retail on Friday - with a host of sellers discounting the SKU or offering it as part of a cash-saving bundle.

The 250GB console is smaller than the Xbox 360 Elite, and comes with WiFi capability under its hood. It also contains one fan instead of the previous model's two - something Microsoft guarantees will help kill off the Red Ring Of Death. It's also very shiny.


According to official UK industry data monitor GfK-ChartTrack, the XBox 360 S achieved the biggest ever launch in the UK for a "revised" home console - surpassing the launch sales of both PS2 Slim and PS3 Slim.

"For static or 'home' consoles, the 360 S is at the top of the pile in terms of revised consoles," GfK-ChartTrack director Dorian Bloch told CVG.

"That would be followed by PS2 Slim, which was released back in 2004, week 44 - a long time ago. That's followed by PS3 Slim, which hit shelves in week 36 of 2009.

"In terms of week one best ever revised hardware launches they're the yardstick - and this new Xbox is the biggest of the lot."

Over its first two days, the console sold around the same as the original Xbox 360's launch sales total back in week 48 of 2005.

"That's which is even more impressive when you take into account that the original Xbox 360 was launched across two versions, Pro and Core," added GfK-ChartTrack.

GfK-ChartTrack would not released precise sales figures when contacted by CVG.

The launch of the new SKU in the US last month helped Xbox 360 sales surpass Wii and PS3 in the region in June, according to NPD data.

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