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Bizarre planning Blur sequels

Disappointing sales haven't deterred the studio

Nick Davies, producer at Project Gotham and Geometry Wars developer Bizarre Creations, has said that the studio plans to create more Blur games and develop the franchise.

Davies said that they consider Blur to be "the start of a big franchise for Bizarre" and "plan" to develop more games in the series.

Despite a rather ballsy marketing campaign that mocked Mario Kart and generally favourable reviews, the 'Mario Kart for grown-ups' racing game has had lacklustre sales.

Davies attributed the poor sales performance to the fact that Blur was released at "a very busy time for racing games" and believed that the strong multiplayer component would give the game staying power.

"It came out at the same time as ModNation Racers and Split/Second. It rates incredibly highly and it's a very popular game, and I think it's going to be a slow-burner. I think the multiplayer will stay for a long time and I think people will come back to that time and time again, long after some of the other games have gone back to the second-hand shelf" said Davies.

Davies said that Bizarre isn't done with Blur and that they intend to make it the biggest racing franchise.

"'s always been the plan to make the number one racing franchise. That's as much as I can say!"

The studio recently confirmed it was working on James Bond: Blood Stone after a leak outed the title just hours before the official announcement.

[ SOURCE: GamerZines ]