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Molyneux: Black & White weather idea was 'stupid'

Design legend says he "jumped the shark" with claim

It's become something of a Fable all of its own. Ten years ago, Peter Molyneux could do little wrong. The man who created Populous, Magic Carpet, Syndicate, Theme Park et al was readying his latest God game epic - Black & White.

In the lead up to launch, he promised that the weather effects in the EA-published title would reflect the real life climate outside your window. It sent a ripple through the industry. The future was now!

"How on Earth can that be done?" asked calmer, more cynical types, Molyneux's confident grin beaming back at them. The truth was, it couldn't - at least not for a few years - and the feature was very conspicuous by its absence in the final product.

It earned Molyneux a reputation for telling the odd porky pie - through nothing but exuberance, you understand - and gave gamers a reason to doubt the Lionhead boss's bold claims for ambitious future titles such as Fable II and Milo & Kate.

However, Molyneux has now spoken over his regret at making the claim, admitting he "jumped the shark" when the promise left his lips.

"I've got a Fonz 'shark moment' - you know, where he's jumped over a shark on his motorbike... and after that Happy Days was s***," he told "My inverse one of those was when I thought of the idea in Black & White of introducing weather patterns in the game that were the same outside your window, that was my 'shark moment'.

"Fortunately I woke up and thought: "Why the f*** did I do that?" If you lived anywhere in the world, you don't want the weather in the game to be outside your window... you want the opposite. It was a dumb, stupid idea."

Yes, Peter, yes it was. Fable III, on the other hand, is very much a clever idea - and one we can't wait to test out.

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