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Michael Jackson game 'negotiated before star's death'

Ubisoft: Title isn't "something we jumped on" after Jacko's untimely passing

Ubisoft has made it clear that, although Michael Jackson: The Experience wasn't announced until well after the King of Pop's death, it is not a posthumous cash-in.

UK marketing director for Ubisoft Murray Pannel told that - of course - he hoped Jacko's popularity continued, but that Michael Jackson: The Experience was in development well before the superstar's passing:

"The truth is that we were engaged with Jackson and the Jackson family long before his death," he said.

"By all accounts he was very pro-actively looking for a partner that he felt could bring value - and Ubisoft seemed to fit the bill very well."

"So this isn't something that's been jumped on since his death - we've been working on this, despite the fact that we announced it quite recently, for a long time.

"It's well advanced in terms of the formats it's working on - we know how big he is, how loved he is by his fans and how successful he's been as an artist. Hopefully we can bring that to millions more gamers as well."

It seems that Ubisoft had to work hard for the game's rights, however, taking part in an 'intense bidding war' to get its hands on the Jackson name.

The game will be available for Kinect on for Xbox 360, PS3 Move, PSP, Wii and DS this 'Holiday' (Christmas).