Okamiden DS gameplay trailer

New footage to whet your appetite for this awesome DS sequel

Every time we see new footage of Okamiden on DS we get just that little bit more excited for its arrival.

It's the follow-up to the awesome and under-appreciated Zelda-like PS2 quest, Okami (which also later released on Wii). The game, similarly to the original, stars a sun god in the form of a wolf named Chibiterasu, who has a magic paint brush. Clearly a perfect fit for the DS, players will draw on-screen gestures with the brush to cast magic and manipulate the game's world.

Chibiterasu will also be accompanied by a human companion, whose movements can be controlled with the new-to-DS Shirabe Brush. Sounds brilliant. If you're new to Okami we suggest you play the Wii re-release.

It's out in Japan on the September 30, but won't be with us in the west until 2011.