Gran Turismo 5 head-tracking 'underwhelming'

But don't worry - the rest of it is immense

It's not easy finding a chink in the armour of Gran Turismo 5. The game is looking incredible - and early reports of its 3D capabilities do nothing to dispute its claim to be The Greatest Racing Game Ever.

But there is one area that Polyphony Digital will have to 'smooth out before release', according to the Official PlayStation Magazine - and that's head-tracking.

The mag got a very special hands on with Yamauchi-san's masterpiece and, as you'd expect, it reports that the game is mindblowing.


According to the mag's triumphant new five-page preview, the title 'accurately models mechanic and cosmetic damage to an absurd degree' and is 'looking beautiful'.

Indeed, there was only one bone of contention: 'Gran Turismo 3D debuted impeccably but the game's face tracking fared less well,' it reports. 'Face-tracking using the PS Eye works on the 200 cars with cockpits and lets you look around by tilting your face away fro the screen, but the early demo we played left us underwhelmed.

'Head-tracking has been working well on PC for years using IR camera and reference makers but PS EYe is a simpler camera and Gran Turismo applies a digital interpretation to an analogue movement.

'A slight glance to the left or right is translated by the game after a considerable delay as a full 90-degree crane of your neck. Hopefully Polyphony can smooth things out before release.'

Yamauchi's team certainly has the time to straighten it out - GT5 is due for release in November.

GT5 will feature over 1,000 cars - with 200 never before seen in a GT game.

Check out the August issue of OPM for its full Gt5 preview. Buy your copy of OPM and have it delivered to your door.