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Sims 3 gets 'Late Night' expansion

Late night jobs, nightclubs and... vampires

Commiserations to all those guys who lose their girlfriends, and any potential for real-life 'woohoo' action, night after night to EA's immensely popular Sims games because there's more on the way.

EA has revealed a new Sims 3 expansion called 'Late Night', which the publisher says clears any potential for night-time boredom.

With the new expansion, Sims will be able to work any number of nighttime jobs or hit the town to party it up. "Players will be able to take their Sims into the bustling urban setting where they'll be able to become a local celebrity, member of a music band, mixologist, director, and more," explains EA.

There's some challenge to it, too. "To gain entrance into the most elite clubs in town, players need to keep their attitude in check otherwise they'll be given the cold shoulder by tough bouncers or find another way onto the list." So no getting drunk and bottling some bloke for eyeing up your missus, then.

There's a whole new vampire mechanic in there too, so if players don't fancy hitting the clubs they can "discover the secret of becoming a vampire".

The expansion pack will be released for the PC version of The Sims 3 this autumn.