UK Xbox 360 sales leap 1000%

Platform holder talks up Xbox 360 S launch

Microsoft has claimed that UK sales of Xbox 360 jumped 1000 per cent across all SKUs last weekend.

The week-on-week rise was driven by the launch of the Xbox 360 - a piece of hardware which left us very much impressed - as well as price cuts on the old Elite and Arcade models.

The Xbox 360 S has a RRP of £199 in the UK, while the Elite is selling for £149 and the Arcade unit £119.


Speaking to, Xbox EMEA boss Chris Lewis claimed an 84 per cent share of the hardware market from Friday - Sunday.

"[Over] this past weekend we shipped our 250GB new slimmer console that Don [Mattrick] showed at E3 and we've had a fabulous sales weekend," he said. "The UK went up 1000 per cent week-over-week with an 84 per cent market share.

"It's only a couple of days of sales, but it does further enforce the appetite that people have for the Xbox 360, and excitement for the 250GB slimmer, quieter version in Liquid Black."

GfK-ChartTrack told CVG earlier this week that opening weekend sales of the Xbox 360 S - which features one fan and built-in WiFi - were higher than those enjoyed by Sony's during the release windows of both its slim PS2 and PS3.

Microsoft yesterday announced a new, casual-friendly 4GB Xbox 360 S which comes in matte black for £149.99, which will be launched in August.

The 'new Arcade' system will eventually be bundled with motion control camera Kinect plus one game for £249.99.