Star Wars fans have been 'forgiving' of games - LucasArts

Publisher is "paranoid" of tarnishing franchise

LucasArts has admitted that Star Wars fans have been "forgiving" of underwhelming games related to the franchise in the past.

The firm is busy creating The Force Unleashed 2 - which will be published by Activision in the UK. It has already told CVG that the game will offer fans a "bold ending".

The Force Unleashed 2 pits you as Darth Vader's former apprentice - only this time, you take revenge on your former dark master.

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"Star Wars fans have been forgiving over the years," LucasArts executive producer Haden Blackman told MCV.

"But we don't take that for granted. We are so paranoid about tarnishing Star Wars. We want to make every game as good as possible, but it doesn't always work out that way.

"The Force Unleashed II is a better game. Whether it reviews or sells as well, I have no idea."

Blackman previously told CVG that LucasArts would "love" to create a next-gen remake of one Star Wars game that most certainly didn't disappoint - N64's Super Star Wars.