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Daily Star's Raoul Moat GTA story taken down

Could Rockstar have had something to do with it?

Earlier today, The Daily Star ran a story suggesting that a video game linked to killer Raoul Moat was being planned.

The report - which has caused uproar amongst gamers - appeared on the tabloid's website. It has now been taken down.

The earlier story contained an image of 'GTA: Rothbury', which The Star said had been found on 'gaming websites'.


This was enough evidence for it to suggest that a Raoul Moat video game was being planned.

However, a quick look at The Star's original online story and... it's vanished.

At the behest of readers, CVG dropped Rockstar a line earlier to ask if the publisher was considering retaliation against the Star's report.

Although we've had no official response back, the retraction of the story certainly suggests a little word may have been had in a red-topped ear.

Doesn't that feel better?