Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 pre-orders get Maulkiller

New character skin and lightsaber crystal gifted to GameStop pre-orders

Eager beavers who pre-order Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II in the US will snag themselves a sweet new character skin, named Maulkiller, and a Lightsaber Crystal for enhanced Force abilities.

Maulkiller, according to the GameStop post (via 1UP), is a super-powerful clone hybrid created by Darth Vader from the combined genetic material of Darth Maul and (star of the game) Starkiller.

Apparently: "The resulting aberrant clone possessed traits from both warriors, but the crude fusion of two disparate Force users quickly produced physical and mental instabilities that led to the unfortunate clone's destruction. For a brief time he struck fear into the hearts of all who faced him, even Lord Vader himself."

Looks frickin sweet though, and the accompanying Lightsaber crystal you get in the deal turns his dual 'Sabers silver and uses up less Force Energy meaning he can bust out those crazy Force skills for longer before needing a breather.

The deal is exclusive to GameStop in US and currently no plans have been announced for a UK deal.

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[ SOURCE: GameStop ]