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Demon's Souls servers guaranteed 'at least' to March 2011

Online modes for cult RPG given guaranteed, but short, lifespan

The online modes in From Software's cult PS3 RPG Demon's Souls could be coming to an end sooner than you might normally expect.

Atlus has today confirmed that it will keep the North American servers for the game running "through at least" March 2011. "At least" means the servers won't go down BEFORE March next year, but it certainly serves as a startling gauge on just how short the lifespan on the game's online modes is like to be.

Demon's Souls, a little-known third-person action RPG, proved a hit among a niche crown of hardcore gamers. Starting off as a Japan (released Feb 2009) and US-only (October 2009) game with no Euro release planned, it was big in the import scene until Namco Bandai came to the rescue bringing it to UK shores on June 25.

Aram Jabbari, PR and sales manager for Atlus, said: "We are proud to maintain our commitment to the Demon's Souls online community by extending our support for the game's servers, allowing current and new players to continue to enjoy the game's vast online feature set."

Atlus is also coaxing in new gamers with changes to its servers to make the game easier. "To celebrate the announcement, the game server's World Tendency, a variable that can make the game more or less difficult and unlock secrets depending on its setting, will be shifted to Pure White for a couple weeks, making the notoriously challenging game slightly easier for newcomers while also allowing long-time veterans to reach otherwise inaccessible areas and items," it explains.