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Dragon Quest IX Friday! Win the game and a DSi XL!

Awesome Japanese Dragon Quest merchandise up for grabs too! Amazing!

Confession time: we've got a bit of a crush on Dragon Quest IX, which is released today. You know how it is when you can't stop thinking about someone, and you go out of your way to 'accidentally' bump into them around town? We're like that with DQIX. Our waking hours are consumed with thoughts of Slimes, and we're constantly finding reasons to load up the game for 'just five minutes' - which turn into a few hours...

You might have noticed this blissful obsession creeping into NGamer itself. Issue 51 - on sale until Tuesday (hurry!) - carries our exclusive review of the game, which we've given a hefty 91%. "Life-consuming, epic entertainment" is how we described it. And we're very good at describing things. NGamer 51 also comes with two (TWO!) DQIX gifts: a double-sided poster and a set of DS decals. If you're quick, you should be able to find a copy this weekend.

The DQIX love continues in issue 52, which is on sale on Wednesday 28 July, though subscribers should hopefully get their copies this weekend. For starters, it'll have ten copies of the game plus a DSi XL up for grabs, which isn't too shabby, is it? But we're also giving away a huge pile of Japan-exclusive Dragon Quest merchandise. Matthew shopped hard in Japan for the finest items, and now we're giving them to you.

You can also read about Mr Castle's meeting with the DQIX developers, his meal at the Dragon Quest bar (he ate jellyfish. Jellyfish! Blee!) and his trip to the gaming Mecca of Akihabara. Are we jealous of him? Yes, but we messed with some stuff on his desk while he was away, so we're evens.

So, your Dragon Quest-related tasks are:
1) get issue 51 of NGamer if you haven't already to get your gifts and read our review.
2) pick up issue 52 of NGamer for your chance to win the game, a DSi XL and some cool Dragon Quest stuff.
3) buy the game today. Natch.
Now if you'll excuse us, we just need to, er, check something in the game, won't be a minute...