Hitman 5 release date is 'Xmas 2011 at the earliest'

Looks like we might have a long wait for Agent 47's next outing...

We've been patiently awaiting a Hitman 5 release date for some time now - and it appears our patience is about to be tested to the max.

According to alleged sources at developer IO, the title won't hit retail shelves until next year.

According to an insider speaking to Eurogamer, we won't see the game until "Christmas 2011 at the earliest". Ouch.

'Retail sources' have also pointed to a release date next year, according to the site - whilst a listing at mentions a November 28, 2011 release date. Sob, says us.

Earlier this week, poster art from what appeared to be IO's next Hitman game appeared online - but the studio refuted the connection, saying the images didn't "represent" any new game.

Intriguing. We expecting Hitman 5 on PS3, 360 and PC. We can at least say that with some certainty.

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]