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PC Zone closure confirmed

The September 2nd issue will be the last

It's official: PC Zone is closing. Following the consultation announced last week, it has been decided the magazine won't continue.

There is a public statement. Here it is:

"Following consultation, we're sorry to announce that we've now taken the
difficult decision to close PC Zone. The magazine on sale in September will
be the final issue.

"PC Zone is the smallest of our three PC gaming magazines and this decision has been made as we look to strengthen our other two PC titles, PC Gamer and PC Format, in print and online.

"We're actively seeking other opportunities for the four members of staff affected by PC Zone's closure. I'd like to thank them for all of their great work on the magazine over a number of years."

James Binns, Head of Edge international and PC Gaming, Future Publishing

Well that's that then. We didn't let PC Zone go down without a fight, but our enemy was to vast and too powerful for us to vanquish. (That'd be the internet - what you're reading this on.)

So issue 225, out on the 2 September, will definitely be the last-ever PC Zone. We are making it a fitting tribute to the mag - hands old and new are coming together to see us off, and you have a chance to join in as well.

If you want to be part of this special issue send in your memories of the magazine to or tweet them to us at @pczone.

The most brilliant memory, or the one that makes us weep like small children, will win its owner a fantastic prize, culled from the years of detritus in the soon-to-be-empty office.

We want you all to be part of this final PC Zone, which will truly be The End.