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CVG: The week's best comments

Free comedy words for free

Here it is again all the comedy of the week rolled into one article for you to read.

Well, it's not actually all of the comedy, you lot churn so much of it out that it's impossible to squeeze it all on to one screen.

We managed to get a lot of the good stuff though covering everything from Kinect to Robbie Williams to tasty 100GB Blu-Ray discs.

You want more? Well you'll just have to make it yourself in the comments section at the bottom then won't you?

Modern Warfare 2 subscription system outed?

i say fake but if it's real i'm not going to buy anymore activision games at all. because this is EA x 1000 is evilness when EA were evil
mafiahobo has an acurate scale of evil.

I will gladly pay Activision to play COD online, then they can come around and gangbang my girlfriend and cover her in man juice. After that they can help themselves to whatever I have in the fridge.
Nick33 has no reason to offer this to Activision but does anyway. Are his fingers crossed behind his back?

Omg... why would you let them do that?

A bloke's fridge is sacred.
Ahahaha MPH, we thought you were going to say his girlfriend is scared. You didn't though.

OnLive isn't for high-end games, says CEO

I love the backpedalling now. "You know how we said you could run Crysis through an internet browser and get the full game experience? Yeah, well you can't. Assassin's Creed 2? Nah. Bejeweled works a treat though."
Weren't you getting OnLive for Bejeweled Dajmin?

Molyneux: 360's best is yet to come

I'd be happy to game on the 360 for the rest of my life...
We'll get back to ted1138 in ten years.

Molyneux: Black & White weather idea was 'stupid'

My Dad is the King of Spades
SeanS22 ....

Black 'sh*ts on other games but can't finish his own'

eh im thinking its probably a case of 27 years of pent up sexual frustration rather than roid rage cos we all know..."if you cant get laid, get into videogame..s"

f**k it that doesnt rhyme
True though Robm612 isn't it? Sadly true.

Quick! somebody call Capcom.

Super Developer Fighter 2 Turbo anyone?
Yes dubplate240! Yes, yes, yes! Keep it in your head and get a phone quickly!

like a f**king episode of eastenders, but in a videogame industry, and around the world, and nothing like eastenders at all.....
We're waiting for an actual punch lashed. Any body part will do.

I love this "Yeah well I've had Kotick's mom and she was crap" and "Cliffy B's likes the c**k" and it makes far more interesting reading.
No-one's claimed any of that Dajmin!

Michael Jackson game 'negotiated before star's death'

I'll believe that when me sh*t turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.
You'll also believe you have a severe intestine infection Lloyd12.

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