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BioWare working on DarkSpore

Dev 'helping out' with Maxis RPG

RPG super-house, BioWare is lending a hand with the development of EA's role-playing spin-off, Darkspore, it's emerged.

Speaking during a detail-rich session at Comic-Con this weekend, developer Maxis confirmed that it's been receiving help on its Spore RPG from the Mass Effect and Dragon Age studio, which is probably a clever move.

The basic mantra of Darkspore, Maxis said, will involve players acquiring a stable of new creatures, and then implementing squad-based tactics in the way they use them. As is the RPG tradition, boss battles, loot collection, and co-op play will feature.

Interestingly, Darkspore's also set to feature a Left 4 Dead-style AI director, which will determine which enemies to throw at the player depending on your setup and how well you're doing.

The game's due on PC in February, 2011.

[ SOURCE: Gamespot ]