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Gears of War movie gets reborn

Cliffy B reveals that project is restarting from scratch

Epic lead designer Cliff Bleszinski has revealed that the Gears of War movie lives on - and that the project is being restarted from scratch.

The film adaption of Epic's wildly popular third-person shooter hit a wall when director Len Wiseman left the project earlier this year.

His departure brought work on the film to a standstill - until now. Bleszinski confirmed at Comic-Con that Epic is going back to look at the script and starting from scratch.

The aim is to re-work the story and bring down the budget of the movie. Bleszinski rather candidly said that the original $100 million budget was putting studios off.

He reference District 9 as an influence - which originally started life as the Halo movie.

Cliffy is also currently hard at work on Gears of War 3, which he believes is pushing Unreal Engine to limits.

[ SOURCE: The Movie Pool ]