What is Saints Row dev's 'Downfall'?

Volition CV reveals mysterious project

Saints Row developer, Volition is working on something called "Downfall," according to a CV that's appeared online.

A technical art director at the studio describes his duties working on "risk assessment on game features, scheduling and high-level project planning," for "Downfall" - and we've no idea what it is.

Volition is known to be working on the next instalments in its Red Faction and Saints Row series, the former of which is due out in March 2011.

We reckon Downfall could in all likelihood be the subtitle for the new Saints Row game - which is due to be revealed this Christmas - and we'd be surprised to discover it's working on three big budget games at once.

THQ said the reason the third Saints Row skipped E3 in June was in order to spend another year "rebuilding the technology."

The publisher's also planning a Nintendo 3DS spin-off, 'Drive By' which will also see a release on Xbox Live Arcade.

[ SOURCE: Superannuation ]