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Dragon Quest IX is 'very easy to play' - Horii

Series designer wants non gamers to play it

Dragon Quest IX may be a traditional RPG but series designer Yuji Horii believes it's so accessible that even non-gamers can get into it.

The Dragon Quest series has usually been seen as an adventure for gamers but according to Horii, the ninth game in the series is simple to pick up and play for newcomers.

"Dragon Quest IX is very easy to play, even for those with little gaming experience, and I'd like those people to try it out," said Horii. "I think they'll say 'Oh if I do this, this happens. Wow, I can really get the hang of this kind of game.'"

Drangon Quest IX went straight into the UK charts at number nine this week and Horii is hoping fans who have bought it will tell each other about the new DS adventure. "I'd love for the game to spread by word of mouth so even young children will become players. I want it to become a means of communication; I want people to look for treasure maps, have fun in tag mode and enjoy multiplayer. My biggest hope is that people who don't usually play games will like playing videogames."

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