Rockstar hiring for GTA 5?

It's either that, or the firm's bulking up its Agent team...

Rockstar North has posted seven job ads related to a new title - which sounds very much like it could be the next chapter in the GTA universe.

The firm is looking to fill positions including Environment Artists, Physics Programmers and Character Animators.

The job ad for the latter is the most interesting, asking for those with 'professional experience developing a third person action game'.

That narrows it down a bit, then. Rockstar is hard at work on third-person titles including PS3 exclusive Agent - but speculation is rife over an incoming GTA V announcement, especially we missed out on the anticipated E3 teaser.

Other Rockstar titles currently under-wraps include Max Payne 3 - developed at Rockstar Vancouver - and the gorgeous-looking LA Noire, which is being created by Rockstar in conjunction with Team Bondi in Australia.

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