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StarCraft 2 to sell 3m this week - Pachter

RTS will make $100 million profit for Activision Blizzard, reckons analyst

StarCraft II will sell three million copies this week alone, industry analyst Michael Pachter has told CVG.

The Wedbush man reckons this week's launch - which already looks to have captured the attention of the entire internet - will lead to Activision Blizzard moving seven million copies of the RTS by the end of the year.

Worldwide - including a discounted pricing model in South Korea - Pachter expects StarCraft 2 to make $100 million in profit for Acitivison Blizzard in this quarter alone. As if the WoW cash wasn't taking up enough room already...

The original StarCraft has managed 11 million sales in the twelve years since its release.

Speaking to CVG at the game's London launch, Blizzard said it's "proud" of its game's achievement.