StarCraft II: Known issues, tech specs listed

Blizzard details known bugs, updates hardware requirements

Blizzard's team are an honest bunch. StarCraft II just released today and already it's done its fans the service of listing issues and bugs in the game of which it's currently aware.

The developer's also laid out a list of graphics cards and CPUs that will and will not meet the requirements of the game. We suggest you have a good look, even if the beta worked on your machine, because we're seeing comments from some that the full game isn't quite as hardware friendly.

Known issues range from an (ironic) incompatibility with Windows' Compatibility mode, excessive frame rates (a fix to limit frame rates is within the list), black screen issues related to the Quick Cam webcam, and anti-virus program conflicts.

Check out the known issues list here, and head over here for the hardware rundown.