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BioWare ISN'T helping with DarkSpore

EA corrects false reports, BioWare not involved

Reports earlier this week claimed that DarkSpore developer Maxis said it was getting a helping hand from Mass Effect 2 uber-developer, BioWare. Those reports, it turns out, were false.

EA has moved to quash rumours with a statement that confirms BioWare actually has nothing to do with the development of DarkSpore.

Rather, Maxis is working with writer Malcolm Azania, who's CV happens to include a gig at BioWare on Mass Effect 2, and "that's the extent of it," according to the EA rep.

The basic mantra of Darkspore, due on PC in February, 2011, will involve players acquiring a stable of new creatures, and then implementing squad-based tactics in the way they use them. As is the RPG tradition, boss battles, loot collection, and co-op play will feature.

[ SOURCE: GamePro ]