Bioshock creator teases Project Icarus

Ken Levine's Irrational Games get vague

After rather cruelly soliciting guesses from fans as to what Irrational's next game might be, the studio formerly known as 2K Boston has launched a viral website called

Those curious enough to enter the website will be treated with, well nothing. The site is currently just a black void with a small grey blob in the middle.

It does make you wonder though - what is Icarus?

Fortunately, the studio headed up by Bioshock and System Shock creator Ken Levine has a press event scheduled for August 11 in New York - just before Gamescom in Cologne - so hopefully we'll know what Icarus is soon.

While Irrational has been quite on the new games front, it has been digging out some interesting content on their older titles. The studio recently released early artwork for System Shock 2.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]