Kinect no good for air combat games - Ubisoft

Genre needs buttons to work, says firm's H.A.W.X team

Microsoft's eagerly anticipated Kinect has received praise for innovation - but also garnered concerns from gamers due to a seeming incompatibility with 'hardcore games'.

Now another hardcore voice has offered his pessimism to the mix - saying that the peripheral will struggle to replace buttons in air combat titles.

Narrative director for Ubisoft's H.A.W.X 2, Edward Douglas, told CVG that losing button control in the genre risked its 'authenticity'.

"My personal thought is that buttons are needed to control an Airplane," he said.

He added: "Why would you go so far away from that kind of authenticity?"

Rez and Child of Eden developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi recently said he wasn't surprised by the casual focus of Kinect, and he doesn't see his motion game as being aimed at either camp.

Blitz Games CTO Andrew Oliver also caused a stir recently when he reported issues with an exercise game that arose when he attempted to play while lying down.