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PS3 Firmware 3.41 introduces new patching system?

Update may have hidden feature after all

Intrepid PS3 users have dug into the latest 3.41 firmware update and discovered that it may be more significant than first thought.

Originally it was believed that the latest firmware was largely uninteresting, only introducing a "You May Like" section to the PlayStation Store.

However, it's been discovered that hidden within the firmware is a new incremental download patch, which allows the PS3 to download patches that are smaller than the traditionally sizeable updates.

The update will supposedly allow the PS3 to only download the additional information it needs to bring the existing firmware up to date.

Previously the console would re-download the new firmware entirely, which most of the time was largely comprised of old data. This update could make both downloading and installation a far less painful experience.

The update is sure to enhance the 'auto-download' feature in PlayStation Plus.

[ SOURCE: Examiner ]