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Gaming gadget of the year: 360 S, PS3 Slim - or something else?

T3 taking votes for its gaming gadget of the year...

Gadget mag T3 has once again begun its annual campaign to find the best gaming gadget of the year in the T3 Gadget Awards 2010 - and it wants your vote.

Voting has just kicked into its second round and a shortlist of five gadgets have been selected for each category.

The category for best gaming gadget of the year features a number of consoles and handhelds including the Xbox 360 S, PlayStation 3 and DSi XL.

Hardware isn't getting all the love though - games such as Beatles: Rockband and Guitar Hero 5 are also in the running. There's even a few gaming laptops in the mix.

Have your say and cast your vote by heading over to T3.

[ SOURCE: T3 ]