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Eve Online 'broken' by in-game lag

UPDATE: MMO fans furious as Tyrannis patch causes latency

UPDATE: CCP has now issued a statement on this story which you can find here.

Eve Online fans are venting their fury over alleged in-game lag - which, according to some, has left the game 'broken' and unplayable.

The latency is a direct result of a recent Tyrannis patch, and has resulted in outcry on the game's official forum.

One prominent forumite told CVG today that the game is "broken" and that large fleet flights had been made "impossible" because of the lag.

He added: "Loyal customers that have been playing the game for many years are being ignored by the games developers."

Others on the official Forum seem to agree, attacking game maker CCP for failing to fix the problem.

Sinfulangel wrote: '[Too] bad it makes CCP more money to market new features... [than] fix the core of what use to be a spaceship game.'

Grath Telkin added: 'Pretty amazing that this many people that really don't like each other can all agree on the same thing: You suck CCP.'

Zarks commented: 'The lag, OMG the lag........'

Fan anger has been exacerbated by CCP's request for them to vote in a European Game Awards.

'You guys either have really big balls or you're just plain pants-on-head', wrote Monkey Saturday.

CVG has contacted CCP for comment.

[ SOURCE: Eve Online Forum ]