Blacklight: Tango Down gets Tangoed

Prepare for a softdrink-fueled Blacklight tournament...

Zombie Studios and Ignition Entertainment have partnered with Tango for their upcoming Blacklight: Tango Down tournament. Do you see what they did there?

The soft drink will be the official sponsor for the league competition, which is scheduled to take place at Gamerbase locations across the UK next month.

Participants will be plied with the orange flavored carbonated beverage as they compete, which is sure to result in some entertaining matches. Maybe.

The tournament will start on the week commencing August 16 for a total of six weeks, at which point a winner will be declared.

The winner will win an Alienware M11x gaming laptop along with some signed Blacklight and Logitech goodies. Good stuff.

[ SOURCE: Gamerbase ]