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Metroids invade Starcraft 2 universe

Can Jim Raynor deal with this kind of a threat?

Starcraft 2 is peppered with easter eggs. Not only does it have a Lost Vikings mini-game - but it also has a Metroid cameo.

An eagle-eyed gamer well-versed in Nintendo's iconic sci-fi franchise spotted a couple of Metroids floating in a tube - be afraid.


The world has been caught up in a Starcraft 2 frenzy since its release earlier this week. Reviews are starting to trickle in and players have been very vocal about it online.

Starcraft 2 was in production for over ten years and unsurprisingly Blizzard are quite confident in the sequel.

Who's played it, then? And what do you reckon so far?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]