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Why's de_dust the best map of all time?

Creator 'Dust Dave' spills the beans on dust's appeal

No-one who's ever played Counter-Strike will ever forget that most seminal of all CS maps, de_dust.

Consistently ranked as one of the best maps and mods of all time, de_dust has been the online playground where countless terrorists and CTs have strived, struggled and well ...bitten the dust, in the fight to plant or defuse that bomb.

But why was dust so successful and so loved? Was it the fine balance between the teams, that carnage-tastic central chamber or the teasing ramp which featured long-range sniper duels?

Well, creator Dave Johnston who designed the level reckons: "In retrospect I believe its simplicity and unique style were the key. It's easy to make a bad or simple map but hard to make a bad and simple one."

"It clearly struck a key with players who had been used to dingy warehouses, miles of intricate ventilation shafts and other recreated scenes from action flicks."

Johnston who now works for Splash Damage and is known as 'Dust Dave' in the SD office, has been speaking in an interview with our colleagues over at PC as part of their community heroes season.

Be sure to go check it out, but it had us pondering what classic maps, levels and mods have floated your boat over the years? We're nominating from Q3Tourney3 from Quake III Arena ourselves, but lets us know your favourites in the comments field below.