PS3 launch hype 'wasn't enjoyable' - Heavenly Sword dev

Ninja Theory's 'much more comfortable' now

The creator of PS3 exclusive Heavenly Sword, Ninja Theory, has revealed that the pressure on the game to succeed - stemming from the console's fevered launch - was not "enjoyable" for the firm.

Boss Tameem Antoniades said that the firm is far more comfortable being the "underdog" with new multi-platform title Enslaved.

Ninja Theory has previously revealed to CVG that although Heavenly Sword was a critical success, its sales underwhelmed - and the studio didn't make any profit from the game.

Antoniades told this month's issue of Xbox World 360: "I personally feel much more comfortable now we're lower profile. It's better to be the underdog so you can surpass expectations.

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"I think all the hype surrounding PlayStation 3 wasn't particularly enjoyable for us, and the other reason I like to underplay things is that - despite what anybody says - on a creative project, you just never know if it's gonna work until it all comes together right at the very end."

Check out our latest preview of Enslaved here. Underdog or not, we're darn impressed.

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