CVG's StarCraft 2 review is in

Find out if the 12 year wait was worth it....

StarCraft 2 is the biggest release of this month and probably the biggest PC release of the year. After 12 long years, Blizzard's critically acclaimed real-time strategy is back - and CVG has got stuck into a review.

Fans will be pleased to learn that the transition from the original to StarCraft II will be painless, since "the basic mechanics will be instantly familiar to anyone who's ever played a game in the genre."

Those unfamiliar with StarCraft will be treated to a "perfectly balanced combat system" and "slick, fast, instantly accessible gameplay".

Blizzard's other big tie-in release, the new and improved, also receives praise for its matchmaking system which is described as " smooth" and reliable.

CVG has awarded StarCraft 2 with an impressive 9.3, so it is safe to say that the wait was well worth it.

Have a read of our detailed and exhaustive review to get all the details.