DiRT 3 will 'blow you away'

And OXM teases 'new cars' (sort of) in sexy incoming issue

Next month's issue of the Official Xbox Magazine will lift the lid on the all-new DiRT 3 - and the mag has told CVG that the game will "blow you away".

Details on the title are very thin on the ground at the moment - with just a wisp of a screenshot leaking out this afternoon and a trailer due this weekend.


However, expectations are high - especially considering Codemasters' pedigree with racing games and the success of the second iteration in the series.

OXM editor Jon Hicks told CVG this afternoon:

"We've seen it, we've played it, and we're absolutely blown away. It's bigger and better than DiRT 2 in every respect - with some absolutely cracking new cars. Well, technically 'new' cars."

OXM will hit subscribers this weekend - and will be in shops next week.

DiRT 3 is due out on PS3, 360 and PC - but Codemasters has given no indication over release date.