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Capcom on Okami: Why we chose DS

Motohide Eshiro explains...

Okami was originally released on PS2 so it was a surprise when Capcom announced the sequel was set for DS rather than PS3.

Now Motohide Eshiro, the game's producer, has told Official Nintendo Magazine why Capcom decided to bring the adventure to the handheld...

It seems it's all thanks to the DS touch screen, which enables players to draw their brush strokes with the stylus.

"The distinctive feature of the Celestial Brush is just screaming out to be realised on the DS touch screen," said Eshiro. "I think it's only natural that Okamiden was designed for DS."

It may be a natural fit but making the beautiful adventure for a handheld was still been a hard job.

As Eshiro admits "showing such diverse, sensitive colours that were seen in the original Okami was one tough task indeed. However, it was rather fortuitous for Capcom to have plenty of talented programmers and graphic designers that they have put everything into this title and recreated that very experience on the DS."

You can read the full interview with Motohide Eshiro in the August issue of Official Nintendo Magazine which is on sale now. You can buy the magazine here.

[ SOURCE: Official Nintendo Magazine ]