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Xbox's lack of Blu-ray a 'problem' for developers

Lords Of Shadow requires two discs on 360, reveals Mercury Steam

The developer of the gorgeous-looking Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow has called on Microsoft to help developers overcome Xbox 360's "storage problem".

The 360 version of LOS will ship on two DVD discs when it is released later this year - but the PS3 version will arrive on a single Blu-ray.

Mercury Steam boss Dave Cox told CVG sister mag Xbox World 360 that the problem of studios being unable to compress a full game onto a single DVD will be something Microsoft experiences "more and more" over the next few years.

He said: "Microsoft actually sent their tech guys to the studio to see the game and look at [how we're] compressing it, but they said: 'Okay, it's good. You're doing all you can.'

"I think it's something Microsoft are going to experience more and more - that they need to help developers overcome the storage problem."

He added: "I mean, each console has its own issues [360's smaller disc capacity and PS3's slower loading times], but you have to work around them."

Cox said that - despite Hideo Kojima's involvement in LOS - cut-scenes weren't to blame. "They're pretty short," he commented. "Our longest one is 14 minutes, which is the end sequence... The game's around 24 hours long and every level's different. We have so much variety and we re-use very little assets."

He revealed that the first LOS Xbox disc will offer an install option on the in-game menu, allowing gamers to play the full title off the second disc.

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Cox's comments come months after Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi revealed that Capcom had to hack content out of the 360 version of the game to fit it onto DVD.

Meanwhile, God Of War 3 developer Sony Santa Monica claimed that its PS3 exclusive required over 40GB of space - and was only possible on PS3.

We made the case for Microsoft adopting Blu-ray earlier this year, but it doesn't seem keen to take our advice.

Indeed, top MS bosses Aaron Greenberg and Stephen McGill have publicly stated that the console doesn't need storage devices with higher capacity.

What do you make of it all, readers?