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Kinect software 'tempts people with familiarity'

MS manager says games line-up will pull you in

Microsoft seem to be making no bones about the fact that Kinect's launch titles seem to be playing it safe.

When Edge asked general manager of Microsoft Game Studios Kudo Tsunoda whether the platform holder was trying to "tempt people with familiarity" he agreed that at the moment the emphasis is on revolutionary controls not games.

"I think that's a good way of putting it," he said. "But I'll say again: it's a totally unique experience in terms of what you're doing as a user."

Tsunoda thinks that when it comes to worrying about who Kinect is aimed at, we need to be looking at how we perceive "hardcore gamers":

"It's always weird to me how there's a definition of core gamers; it's only people who like action games or only people who like shooting people," he said.

"To me, gameplayers enjoy skill-based gameplay that has depth to it - there are things to learn and you get better at the game."

He went on to hold up Dance Central specifically as a game that players could experience, learn and even use to improve their real-life skills:

"I never really knew how to dance well, but having played the game, I'm actually an ok dancer now and my wife is thrilled that I went from not even dancing with her at our wedding to going out on weekends to dance."

"It's the first time that actually spending time with video games can teach you things that help you in the rest of your life."

So let's see a show of all the hardcore hands out there: Will Kinect redefine the meaning of 'core gamer'?

Whether or not Microsoft's new motion control will hit the spot with the hardcore seems to have had little impact on pre-orders - which have reportedly seen a boost in numbers recently.

[ SOURCE: Edge Online ]