Kinect could be used for 'TV, Skype' - Miz

Child of Eden creator sees uses beyond gaming

Child of Eden and Rez designer, Tetsuya Mizuguchi says Natal could have uses beyond gaming in the near future.

Speaking to CVG in a post-E3 interview, Mizuguchi-san said he could see Microsoft's motion being used for television and other types of media.

"Maybe you can use Kinect while watching TV, and use it in interactive televisions, and not just games," he said. "Like, real live television, or just for communication instead of Skype."

The Q Entertainment head explained that the reason he was attracted to the Xbox motion device is purely down to his love of new technology - but Move support for Child of Eden is still unconfirmed.

"I really love working with new technology and seeing what sort of experience we can create around it," he added. "The Kinect technology happened to be the first one we got our hands on, so we wanted to see how it could work with Child of Eden."

Look out for the full interview with Mizuguchi-san shortly and hit the link to watch the first Child of Eden trailer.