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Kane & Lynch 2 review - 9/10 in OXM

First review of IO Interactive's sequel gives thumbs up

The UK Official Xbox Magazine has published its Kane & Lynch 2 review - and given the sequel a seductive 9/10.

The mag's whopping six-page review, which indicates that the sequel is a huge step up from the first Kane & Lynch, kicks off by praising Dog Days' audio.

The game comes without a musical score, which means 'an ungodly amount of time and effort has been spent solely on the ambient noises of Shanghai', says OXM.

So impressed is OXM with the title's sounds, it says the audio "surpasses even Dead Space in its craftsmanship". Praise indeed.

"Yeah, yeah," we hear you cry, "but how does it play?"

Very nicely, as it turns out. OXM's Kane & Lynch 2 review reads: 'The no-expense-spared attitude to audio is found in everything, from voice acting to writing, to visuals, to the shooting, to the level design, to the multiplayer to the beautiful main menu.'

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The story is praised for not 'force-feeding you plot', but comes with a warning that there's 'some genuinely disturbing stuff in Dog Days'. Not for the kids, then.

It plays 'faster than Gears Of War' - and that's not the last comparison to Epic's series. OXM calls Kane & Lynch 2 a game 'with less room for thought than Gears, but one containing more moments of rigid panic'.

Co-op is solid and - unlike the first game - is playable over Xbox Live, something OXM calls 'massively important'.

The mag knocks off that magic point because of the final third which it says veers into the 'ridiculous', and there are some gripes about 'slippiness in the way that characters animate and attach themselves to cover'

Overall, though, the 'stunningly detailed levels', 'great shooting' and 'gorgeous audio' are more than enough to make Kane & Lynch 2 a bit special.

The full six-page review is in OXM issue 63, which is with subscribers now and out in shops this week. Buy your copy of OXM and have it delivered to your door.