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New issue of PSM3 on-sale NOW!

Dead Space 2, Portal 2 and more exposed...

The new issue of PSM3 is on-sale TODAY, only £4.99 at all decent newsagents.

Highlights include...

Dead Space 2
World-first hands-on (with the PS3 version, of course). We tiptoe, puzzle and panic-fire through the E3 demo - and some unseen sections - plus interview Producer Steve Papoutsis, with an odd real-world confession.

PS3's Cutting Edge
Bored of iterative sequels and dull shooters? Our 24-page feature exposes the best, most exciting and innovative games on PS3, including Child of Eden, Deus Ex, Bulletstorm, Ni No Kuni, Rage and Project Dust. Get the info now before everyone's banging on about them.

Valve ♥s PS3
What the Half-Life developer's new love for PS3 means for you, plus a world-first interview with Valve post Portal 2 E3 shock.

PS Move
We've got one. Everything you need to know about PS3's surprisingly excellent motion controller and games.

Previews of... GT5, COD: Black Ops, FIFA 11, inFamous 2, MotorStorm Apocalypse and more...

Medal of Honor vs Modern Warfare 2 vs Battlefield 2: Which is the best online shooter?

Ultimate PS3 preview. Sure, you've seen some of these trailers on internet feeds, but never all in one place, in perfect quality, without the hassle. We've got EVERY big E3 game for 2010 and beyond. Side B even has HD files that can watch on, or copy onto, your PS3.

Save cash!
Free book reveals the 'Top Ten Classic PS3 Games Under Ten Pounds', plus a guide to Red Dead Redemption. MGS4 for £4.98? Read on...

As ever, a bargain then. Pick up the latest issue at most good newsagents, or click here to get it delivered with free postage.